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"Really great! It was very relaxed to listen to the whole album. The Happy Gallopers remix by Mr Bird is also really good! Top work."

Dusty - Jazz & Milk Recordings

"Good vibe & good work this album. I like the mix sound, not agressif & I like the numbers "Pitch-in", "You're My Chocolate" and "Rollin'". Puravida Savages! Your music is delicious."

Guts - Wax On

"...I really enjoy it. Congratulations, this is really really good."

Kid Loco

Formátum: CD
Kiadás éve: 2008
Kiadvány szám: CAM22

1 Pitch-in
2 Freedom (feat. Bimbula)
3 Turtle Dance (feat. DRS)
4 Lookin' For You
5 Happy Gallopers (Jazz Remix feat. Mr Bird)
6 You're My Chocolate
7 The Blow
8 Funterlude
9 Get Back To Me
10 Rollin' (feat. Dj Globe)
11 Long Distances
12 Strictly Smooth Sunday
13 Getting Crazy Sometimes
14 One Step To Eternity
15 Forgive Me

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